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The structure of the API specification follows a standard. This document intends to explain every aspect of this structure and their fields.

The integration will have the following methods:

Method Input Output Required Description
Availability AvailabilityRQ AvailabilityRS Yes Makes a availability call
Valuation ValuationRQ ValuationRS Yes Makes a pre-booking
Reservation ReservationRQ ReservationRS Yes Makes a booking
RetrieveReservation RetrieveReservation RQ RetrieveReservation RS No Gets booking details
RetrieveReservation List RetrieveReservation ListRQ RetrieveReservation ListRS No Gets booking list
Cancellation CancellationRQ CancellationRS No Cancels a booking

Each request sent to the service url requires a node called rqXML . Inside this node travels the current method’s Input object.

The data structure will always have common elements in all objects and the specific objects related to the operation

Data structure content:

  1. Flights
  2. Avail
  3. Valuation
  4. Reservation
  5. RetrieveReservation
  6. RetrieveReservationList
  7. Cancellation