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Version 1.0.8: Date 24/07/2012

Added ConfigCompaniasDispo in the common RQ objects.

Version 1.0.9: Date 30/08/2012

Added Baggage List to Passenger in ResevaRQ.

Added baggage type in SuplementosRS.

Added special supplement in SuplementosRS.

Version 1.0.11: Date 09/01/2013

Added Generic Error Code.

Version 1.0.12: Date 30/03/2013

Added list of Locators to RespuestaRecuperarReserva and RespuestaRecuperarListaReserva.

Added some types to tiposImporteCargo.

Added number of stops in DisponibilidadRS.

Added passenger info in SuplementosRQ.

Version 1.1.0: Date 17/03/2014

Reformat documentation.

API change: Tarifas con tramos parciales_.

Added Error Codes.

Added Clase Cabina Codes.