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Version 1.0.21: Date 25/04/2018

  • CancelPolicies and fees returned at stage room in AvailRS. Depending on the supplier, the information concerning CancelPolicies and fees can be displayed at room level. To receive the CancelPolicies at room level, it is necessary to send the tag RoomCancellationPolicies in the AvailRQ.
  • Property reservation number in ReservationRS, ReservationReadRS and ReservationListRS. Depending on the supplier, you will receive the property reservation number in addition to the supplier locator.
  • IATA airport codes in DescriptiveInfoRS and HotelListRS Depending on the supplier, you will receive the codes for the airports near a specific hotel.
  • New Metadata tags. InformRoomCancelPolicies, InformRoomFees, ImplementsCombination and InformPropertyReservationNumber.

Version 1.0.20: Date 11/12/2017

  • New tags Metadata: PaxTypeRangeInRoomCandidates: Definition of the restrictions of the guests in the room.
  • New tags Metadata: AllowsPreferences: Definition of the preferences that the provider allows in the request of the reservation.
  • New atribute in AgeRange/Age@type: Type of guest according to the age range.
  • New filters in Reservation Request: With this tag you can define preferences filters at the hotel or room level if the provider allows it.

Version 1.0.19: Date 19/06/2017

  • Offers returned at stage room and fees at stage option in AvailRS. Depending on the supplier, the information concerning offers can be displayed either at room level or at option level. Furthermore, we will show at stage option the information relative to fees from now on.

  • GroupCode in MarketListRS. Use this option to see if the supplier groups different markets in a single group, so you can get the same prices/options if two markets belong to the same group.

  • UpgradeUTCDate in DescriptiveInfoRS. With this new tag you can check the upgrade date of the picture in UTC format.

  • Added new rate conditions in AvailRS. Specifically, publicServant and unemployed.

  • Added 105 error type. Used for communication errors.

  • New method MetaData. This method provides information about the meta data of the supplier so that it can be effectively configured.

  • Added UpgradeUTCDate in DescriptiveInfoRS, HotelListRS, AvailDestinationTreeRS, GeographicDestinationTreeRS, CategoryListRS, MealPlanListRS, RoomListRS, CurrencyListRS and MarketListRS. For each method, this tag was added to show when the information was last updated.

Version 1.0.18: Date 31/10/2016

Name (DailyRatePlan) in AvailRS.

New method MarketList.

AgeRange in StaticConfiguration.

DestinationRegex in StaticConfiguration.

Version 1.0.17: Date 27/06/2016

Code (Picture) in DescriptiveInfoRS.

Version 1.0.16: Date 03/05/2016

Currency in AvailRQ.

Markets in AvailRQ.

NumberOfUnits in AvailRQ.

ProviderCode in HotelListRS.

NumMarketsAllowed in StaticConfiguration.

InformTiket in StaticConfiguration.

InformNumberOfUnits in StaticConfiguration.

ImplementsDescriptiveInfoExtended in StaticConfiguration.

Version 1.0.15: Date 29/02/2016

New BusinessRules (RoomType) in AvailRQ.

ImplementsProviderLocatorCancel in StaticConfiguration.

ImplementsClientLocatorCancel in StaticConfiguration.

Version 1.0.14: Date 01/02/2016

ContinuationToken in Common Elements (use in HotelList call).

Version 1.0.13: Date 18/01/2016

BusinessRules in AvailRQ.

ImplementsBusinessRules in StaticConfiguration.

OptionsQuota in Common-Elements.

PropertyCategory in HotelList and DescriptiveInfo.

Version 1.0.12: Date 09/12/2015

Nationality in Avail, Valuation, ModifyValuation and ModifyReservation request.

New rate conditions: largeFamily and honeymoon.

RequiredNationality in StaticConfiguration.

Inform60Rate in StaticConfiguration.

Inform65Rate in StaticConfiguration.

InformCanaryResidentRate in StaticConfiguration

InformBalearicResidentRate in StaticConfiguration.

InformLargeFamilyRate in StaticConfiguration.

InformHoneymoonRate in StaticConfiguration.

Version 1.0.11: Date 17/11/2015

BusinessRule in AvailRQ.

AvailableModifications in ReservationRead.

ImplementsBusinessRule in StaticConfiguration.

InformAvailableModificationsInReservationRead in StaticConfiguration.


Version 1.0.10: Date 29/09/2015



Remarks in Confirmation request.





Offers in Avail.

Fees in Valuation.

CancelPoliciesDescription in Valuation.

DeltaPrice in Confirmation.


Version 1.0.9: Date 30/11/2014

New Wiki look & Feel, now using Sphinx reST.

Add hotel XSDs.

Improvement documentation PaymentType, CardInfo and MasterCodes.

Version 1.0.9: Date 27/03/2014

Modify booking.

Version 1.0.8: Date 17/03/2014

Bed information in AvailRS.

Version 1.0.7: Date 11/03/2013

Product specification download.

Added element geographical destination in hotel.

Implemented new call: GeographicDestinationTree.

Version 1.0.6: Date 30/08/2012

Implemented three new calls: ReservationList, RuntimeConfigurationand StaticConfiguration.

Added attribute element level NuevaOpcion Offer.

Appendix of countries and currencies.

Version 1.0.5: Date 30/07/2012

Correcting errors in the documentation.

Add Promotions / Specials Offers in disponibilidadRS option.

Version 1.0.4: Date 13/06/2012

Larger PDI structure to charge hotel + ticket.

Add ProveedorFacturacionExterna in confirmacionRS.

Version 1.0.3: Date 09/04/2012

New type errors in Valuation.

Version 1.0.2: Date 20/02/2012

AvailDestinationTree specified destinations only attackable on availability Added ISO country code in response Hotel.

Version 1.0.1: Date 11/01/2012

Specified Common Elements Added Appendices.