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Version 0.9: Date 12/08/2013

Initial Release.

Version 1.0: Date 04/09/2013

Added Revision History.

Added Code List unified.

Changed HotelRatePlan to HotelRatePlanInventoryRetrieve.

Added HotelRatePlanRetrieve.

Added HotelAvailRetrieve.

Version 1.0.1: Date 16/09/2013

Documentation moved to Wiki format.

Version 1.0.2: Date 28/09/2013

Added Typical Exchange Message Scenario section <HotelAvailNotif/request/AvailStatusMessages/AvailStatusMessage/StatusApplicationControl@RatePlanCode> is not mandatory.

Added more detailed information above difference in notify rates per guests or per room.

Version 1.0.3: Date 08/11/2013

Added Certification Process section.

Version 1.0.4: Date 18/11/2013

Added Samples of Messages HotelRatePlanNotif.

Version 1.0.5: Date 22/11/2013

Added Start/End dates in Supplements.

Edited LenghtsOfStay and RestrictionStatus in HotelAvailNotif and HotelAvailRetrieve.

Version 1.0.6: Date 16/12/2013

Added FAQ section.

Version 1.0.7: Date 03/06/2014

Added Full Body Messages and Derived Rates.

Version 1.0.8: Date 03/06/2015

Added Payment type and credit card details.

Version 1.0.9: Date 23/10/2015

Added Price per occupancy in HotelRatePlanNotif and HotelRatePlanRetrieve.

Added explanation about the 3 different types of price charging supported.